Debuild: React

Jul 19, 2020

One of the first GPT-3 projects to get its own landing page, Sharif Shameem's Debuild promises to help you "Build web apps lightning fast." The value proposition sounds like magic: "Just describe what your app should do in plain English, then start using it within seconds." Let's see what it can do!

Of course, I'd expect there to be much more functionality in the production version but–albeit to someone who doesn't know React–the potential for this to save some developer time is clear. Whether it will really compete with human developers for more complex projects remains to be seen, and there has certainly been a good deal of debate over the quality of the code that GPT-3 "writes.

The same, of course, can be said for most "code-free" tools–like many applications of GPT-3, I suspect the real value for this, like Harland Duman's CSS generator and Augrented's legal drafting aid, will be as part of a toolset that increases human knowledge workers' productivity, at least for a while.